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Evah Pirazzi BULK A String - Bass
Evah Pirazzi - A Bass String BULK
Price: $134.10
Campus Oblong Viola

Deluxe adjustable oblong lightweight viola case...

Price: $139.00
Oblong Lightweight Deluxe Case
Full suspension oblong lightweight case with backpack design. Plush red or blue interior. *New Model*

Price: $139.00
Ebony Set with Boxwood Fittings - Violin
NEW - Complete set of fine premium ebony Violin fittings with Boxwood trim...
Price: $139.00
Pirastro Bass Rosin Box of 6
Bass mittel (Medium)

Opaque yellow. A soft rosin with good grip.

Price: $139.50
H. Luger Brazilwood Cello Bow Fully Lined

Excellent quality well-aged Brazilwood Cello bow with select...

Price: $140.00
Mooney D-Shaped Lightweight Violin

D shape (half moon) lightweight violin case...

Price: $149.00

Full carbon fiber violin bow with a braided pattern

Price: $149.99

Full carbon fiber violin bow with a braided pattern

Price: $149.99
Ametto CV100 Violin Outfit
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These violins are hand-carved for good tonal quality at an economic price...


Price: $149.99
Evah Pirazzi BULK E String - Bass
Evah Pirazzi - E Bass String BULK
Price: $155.40
GVC Carbon Fiber Violin Bow - Academy

A full Carbon-Fiber bow with an astoundingly low price point...

Price: $159.00

Strong and straight, this full carbon fiber bass bow is offered at an incredible price...

Price: $159.00

Beautiful deluxe padded bass case with reinforced...

Price: $159.95
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